The Amazing 10 To 50 Liter Modular Backpack

Transforms to Fit Your Need

The JoJo-Pack is by far the most useful and flexible bag you’ll ever own. With this bag you only need one.

All in one bag:

We are proud to ethically manufacture in Europe and use recycled fabric in our bags.

Perfect For Board Games

If you play board games, then you’re going to love our bag.

Normally, board games are too big to fit into regular backpacks. The JoJo-Pack solves this problem with a huge main compartment and can hold even the biggest games.

Don’t need that extra space? Just fold it into a smaller bag.

Couple huging

Conversation Starter

The JoJo-Pack gets attention wherever you go. People are always amazed when they see what this bag can do.

Who knows, you might even meet someone special… and one day you’ll be telling your grandkids that it was all because of the JoJo-Pack.

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